September 27, 2011

our weekend

A little glimpse into our Catalina weekend, gloomy weather and all....
A little cold weather couldn't stop us from eating some Big Olaf's
But, it did make us play a lot of games.
Despite the chill, we made time for the water.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky just so happened to be in Catalina on their boat at the same time as us.
It was great weather for exploring the island.
And, it went by way too fast.
Lots more pictures to come......

September 23, 2011

catalina bound

tonight i will be doing this.....
on my way here.....
to spend a weekend doing things like this....
this is quite possibly my all time favorite picture. we come!

September 21, 2011

plum love

I have a bit of a new look on my blog.  My sister, Kristina, revamped my whole sidebar for me and I even wrote a little "about me" section.  Now if only I could think of a stinking name.

Since Kristina helped me out so much, and since she is my sister, I thought I should tell you a little about her blog.   She blogs for her business, Plum Paper, and shows off all kinds of invitations and other paper products that she has designed.  She just redesigned the whole site, so you should check it out.  Here is a little peek into some of the things you can see on there.
 And, you can even see a little bit of us....
Go check it out here.

September 20, 2011

plant pot

I saw these little pots, and decided that I wanted to do the same thing.  So, I gathered my materials: a pot, a paintbrush, mod podge, some fabric, and a computer.  The computer was for watching Friday Night Lights. Sidenote on that for a's the best show ever.  We finished all five seasons about a month ago and are still talking about it and missing it and telling everyone we know to watch WATCH IT!  Okay, back to the project...that little plant in the picture below is mint, and it is now dead.
This is really easy to do if you follow this tutorial.
And here it is sitting on my new serving cart in my dining room...with a different plant in it that will hopefully live a much longer and healthier life than it's predeccessor, Mr. Mint.

September 19, 2011

Yippee for Dollar Tree!

I bought a three pack of these little composition books at Dollar Tree.  I loved the size of them, but not so much the look of them.
So, I decided to spruce them up a bit with a few scrapbooking supplies, a yo-yo, and some spray adhesive.
I organized them by topic, so I have a place to keep my scattered ideas whenever I think of them.
Cheap and easy.

September 18, 2011

Dining Room Additions

A while back, I posted our dining room before and after.  I thought it was complete at the time, but I was wrong.  While shopping at Goodwill to find decorations for Molly's wedding, I found this little serving cart.
And then I remembered that I had this bulletin board stashed under our guest bed. This was from my bedroom in high school.
I used one of the strands of circle garland that I made for my birthday party to string along the top of the bulletin board for a little added decoration.
I added the cart, the bulletin board, and an old rug that belonged to my parents to our dining room, and I think it really finished everything off.
And to remind you what it looked like before, here's a picture:
Add a cute dog, and I'd say the room is complete.

September 17, 2011

apartment therapy.

So yesterday I wore my hair in pig tails.....and I'd say, it was a good day. A very good day.
First off, it was my best day at school this year.  My kids were so good. Also, a Biola student started doing some observation in my class, and I think I love her....and, I think the feeling is mutual.
Anyways, the good day turned into the best day when I sent the kids out to P.E. and checked my email.  This email was sitting in my inbox....


I wrote a post linking to your office chair makeover on Apartment Therapy today. The post will go up at 6:00 EST.
I hope it brings many, many new readers to your fabulous blog.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Apartment Therapy, people!!!  Do you know how huge that is?  If you don't, you must live in a hole that clearly does not have internet access.  This is unreal!
That's my chair! 
hOLy CrAp!!!
You can see the whole makeover of my chair here on apartment therapy and here on my blog.  

And then, on a totally different note, I came home to this:
Another project that, when it's all said and done, could also be Apartment Therapy worthy.  Nick used our broken fence to frame our bathroom mirror.  I LOVE it!  More on that later.

And then Nick, Amy and I went out to dinner to celebrate it all.
Wow! This day was amazing.  I can't get over it.  
I need to wear pigtails more often.
You can even use them to point with.

September 16, 2011


Over the weekend, my sisters and I did a dessert table for a little girl's first birthday party.  The whole birthday was a ladybug theme, which I was not too excited about at first.  But, I love how it turned out.  Amy and Kim came over on Friday night, and we slaved away making mini ladybugs, strawberry shortcakes, pinwheels and all kinds of other goodies.  We have a big post about it coming up on our Caramel Cup blog very soon, but here's a little glimpse until then.
I am proud to say that the majority of these little ladies on the cupcakes were my doing.  I feel honored that Kim had enough faith in me to entrust this job to me.

Kim made the incredible cake, and all of the tags for the desserts were made by Kristina, who will be posting her very own post of the party on her blog, Plum Paper.  We are working hard on getting the Caramel Cup blog lots of new posts, so stay tuned for all kinds of goodies coming up over there.

September 14, 2011

Come on Down

We are so excited to have another Kinnier living in the southland.  Nick's sister made the big move from Chico to San Diego a couple of weeks ago.  She says it is temporary, but we know better.

On her way down to San Diego, she and her fun friend Liz stopped over at our house for a couple of nights.  We had fun showing them around, and we took them down to Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach.
 Then we climbed the thousand stairs back up to our car and drove ourselves straight to gelato.
Now let's see which Kinnier we can get to move down here next.