January 28, 2015

We're in a Video!

Over the summer, our church interviewed us for a video they were doing with campus updates. I kept wanting to post it but couldn't figure out how to post just our portion of the video instead of the full 10 minute one (there was a story from each of our 5 church campuses). I eventually gave up, because I couldn't figure it out. But then, this morning, when I sat down to my computer, the video just popped up out of the blue....just our portion. So weird! So, I guess I'm posting it now. This is obviously an extremely short, very condensed version of our story, which is far more complex and emotional than the video lets on. We had to share our story plus something about how our church helped us along in the adoption process all in under two minutes. We did our best, but they had to edit out some of what we shared of our story. I'm still happy with how it turned out, and I think they included the most important parts. Also, Silas's hair has quadrupled in size since this video was made!
A little disclaimer....the intro of the video makes it sound like we did fost-adopt. We didn't, but other families in our church have.
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January 18, 2015

Turlock Christmas

Christmas round two took place in Turlock with Nick's side of the family. We always enjoy the cooler weather, the long walks, and all the time we have to relax when we are there. Silas had fun visiting the park and getting ALL the attention. His grandparents love to show him off!
Our Christmas celebration was fun, even though we were missing Nick's sister Alyssa. Nick's grandma was able to join us though, so we got a fun picture with four generations of Kinniers. Also, Silas got more cars, so he was in heaven once again.
Nick and I decided to take advantage of the live in babysitters at the house and got away for a night on our own. We went to a town called Murphys for the night and stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast.  We stopped at several quaint mountain towns along the way, including Columbia, a historic Gold Rush town. We considered touring some caverns and even drove out to one. But, as we were waiting in line to buy the tickets, we decided that sitting in a coffee shop and reading sounded much more enjoyable. That's a luxury we rarely get to experience together anymore. It was a good choice.
Alright! Part two of this trilogy is done.
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January 12, 2015

The First Christmas of 2014

It's about time I get around to blogging about our Christmas celebrations. We had THREE different Christmases this year, so I'm going to try to bust these out and move on with our lives. Part one of this Christmas trilogy begins early Christmas morning. Are you ready for this epic three part adventure? It's so much more exciting than the Hunger Games.
I woke up earlier than the rest of my house on Christmas morning, so I snuck out to the living room to see what Santa had brought and take some pictures while it was still dark outside. Once everyone was awake, the festivities began. We opened presents and ate cinnamon rolls and played with cars and trains. Those were the only presents Silas was interested in, and he left four presents and his stocking unopen under the tree, because who needs or wants anything besides cars and trains. Our friend, Paulo spent the day with us, in case you are wondering who the strange man is in some of these pictures.
The second half of our day was spent at my grandma's house. There's tons of people, tons of food, tons of games, and tons of pictures. So, I have tried to condense this portion of images into multiple collages to make it a little easier on the eyes.
So, Trevor has this obsession with Silas, and it's kind of my favorite thing ever. The kid carries around a picture of Silas when he's not with him and stares longingly at it. I can't handle it! Silas has some pretty strong affections for his cousin too. I'm just not quite sure they are on the same level. See above pictures.

Afternoon football...
This entertained these two fooorrrever...
Obligatory family pic....
And that concludes my Grandma's house.

Buuuuuut..........we aren't quite done. Remember how Silas still had presents to open. Well, that happened like 2 weeks later, so here's that...
Belle left a present in her stocking for Silas. I kind of love that she does that, because it helps keep her memory alive for Silas :) She brought Silas an "I Love My Beagle" shirt this year.
And it's true...he does love her. ^^ He gives her hugs all the time. He loves both his dogs. Belle and Brontie are smothered with love from this kid. Now that concludes part one. Stick with me people. I promise Christmas will be over soon.