June 18, 2015

Turlock 2015

We are now home from our trip to Turlock, but if it were up to Silas, we'd take up residence under the palm tree at the Turlock splash pad. As you can see from the various states of delight on his face, he was a bit obsessed with this place. He started out a little timidly, but mustered up some courage and started following the lead of the older kids. He ran, crawled, splashed around, made friends, and threw a temper tantrum when it was time to leave. Can you blame him?
Silas is a car, truck, plane and helicopter expert, but he got to experience some other modes of transportation during our trip. He was given an early 2nd birthday present from his aunt and uncle and grandparents....
 and he is now a pro at longboarding....
We went blueberry picking one day when the weather was a little cooler, and Silas was given a little bucket to pick his own berries with. I described our experience on Instagram like this...."Blueberry picking...for him that meant eat five, drop one in the bucket, eat five more, dump the bucket out, take a bunch from mom's bucket to refill, run into the orchard nearby, eat, dump the bucket and so on and so forth. We had fun, and now we will make pie." Lots of people commented saying it reminded them of the book Blueberries for Sal. I had totally forgotten about it, but we have the book (thank you Turners!). So, when we got home, I reread it, and sure enough, Silas and Sal are quite similar in their berry picking styles. Maybe not their moms though, as I have no intention of canning mine because they will all be turned into pie.
Things heated up again pretty quickly, so we spent one of our last days at a nearby lake. Silas was in heaven yet again. He is most definitely a water baby. (Can we still call him a baby? I'm a little in denial that I have a temper tantrum throwing toddler!)
 And there you have it. Our first summer trip over too quickly.
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June 12, 2015

Road Trip

Just about two years ago, we were taking this trip to Sequoia, and we made a stop at Orangeworks on the way. It was on that drive that we talked to Silas's birth mom for the first time, and she told us that she was choosing us to be his parents. When we stopped here for ice cream, we texted or called everyone we hadn't already talked to by that time and sat in great excitement and anticipation that we were matched and that this was finally happening. So, as we were driving up to Turlock to visit Nick's family earlier this week, we decided to stop here again, this time with our little match in tow. Silas had his first taste of the famous orange ice cream when we all split a large. Only, he was not too pleased to be sharing, and in reality, neither were we, so we ended up getting another one to split once that one was gone. 

Silas is quite the fun road trip companion, yelling out "big ruck" every time we pass a big rig and "big car" every time we pass any sort of moving vehicle that is larger than a small car. He also slept a large portion of the way, which meant we didn't think we needed to stop to change him. When we pulled him out of the car once we arrived, he immediately had to be stripped down and hosed off, as he (and his car seat) was covered with pee. The ideal road trip companion....he never asked for a bathroom stop.
Once upon a time, Silas loved the family selfie (evidence). Those days are gone.
 It was only 106 degrees when we got to Turlock, so it's not like we were hot or anything. A swim sounded nice, and seeing as how Silas has mastered the ocean, we figured it was time to let him try his hand at the pool. As you can see, he hated it.
His delight was quite contagious, and he's taken the fun of swimming to a whole new level for all of us. More of our trip to come, because this was just the beginning of his water adventures.
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June 10, 2015

Cosmic Creek Concert

Sometimes I complain about where we live and wish we could experience what life is like somewhere else, but then we get to do something like this, and I think nope, I'm good. Life is pretty great here in our little part of the world. Maybe someday we will experience something else for a time, but for now, we are going to enjoy all the perks of where we are at...like this fun concert at Salt Creek Beach a couple weekends ago that we went to with our friends, the Shaws.
It's fun to have adoption buddies...for them and for their parents :)
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June 8, 2015

Memorial Weekend

I am officially on my summer break! Yay! I am so looking forward to having more time to write and blog, enjoy my family, and maybe even keep my house clean. We are off for our first summer trip today, headed North to visit Nick's family. So, I'll start the blog catch-up now. Over Memorial weekend, Nick's sister and her boyfriend came to visit us, and we took a fun trip to the tidepools. It was an unusually cold Memorial weekend, so we were all bundled up, but Silas didn't care. He just wanted to be in the water. He loved splashing around and running into and away from the waves. It was impossible to not get wet while holding his hand. Hence, all the pictures with Dad in them. Alyssa also taught Silas the art of skipping rocks, which I'm sure he'll catch onto once he can get them to make it all the way into the water.
And now, I am looking forward to warm beach days!

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