May 9, 2007

So I had a little girl come up to me after school one day last week and tell me that a little boy in my class is doing disgusting things when I turn around. I talked to him the next day and asked him to tell me what he was doing. He was just looking down at the ground embarrased, not wanting to tell me. I told him that he could write it down instead of telling me, but I needed it on my desk in two minutes. He went back to his seat and started writing. When he was done, he brought it to my desk. I had to hold back laughter as I read the list of things he gave me. Here they are:
Shaking the table
Shaking my body
Smelling my armpit
Pretending I'm pregnant
Pretending I'm a fashion model
Making noises

1 comment:

  1. hahaha i'm so glad you posted this story. it still makes me laugh hysterically!
    tell nick its time to update his blog...valentine's day was 4 months ago!
    love you guys!