September 16, 2009

Date Night

Last week we had our first official date night.
Picnic. San Clemente. Sunset.
Planned by Nick.
(We also had some yogurt and pizza after, but we were too busy enjoying it to take any pictures)
So, tomorrow is my turn to plan. Any ideas?


  1. How about dinner at the Wind and Sea?

  2. When you have the beach and no children (yet), date night is easy!

    The first six months we were married we tried to do a date night...other than dinner/movie each month. It got hard to be creative.

    My favorite was watching the stars...New Year's Eve (BRRR!!) with a bottle of sparkling grape juice and glasses...all taken to Warren Center by Derek.

    It's also the only one I remember. Pathetic. I know. Since we don't have family close by, we rarely have a night out. A couple times a year is all. Pathetic. That's us.