September 9, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Oh how we LOVE Laguna Niguel. Finally we get to host...a lot. And I love it!!! So Labor Day was very fun-filled. It started out at Doheny, where there was swimming, surfing, sun bathing, and ladder ball. We spent much of the day enjoying the beautiful beach and hanging out with our many wonderful friends. From there, we went back to our place to barbeque. Chicken burgers, fruit salad, corn on the cob, and of course the oh-so-popular salsa that Nick makes were all on the menu. But, the BEST part of the night was the very competitive badmitton tournament.

Attempts at a good picture

Got It!

We are oblivious to the shadow that is about to attack us!
(that is really Katie taking our picture)

Let the Games Begin!
Team Katie and Natalie
Team Courtney and Jen
Team Domination!

A little footage!
Esther got upset with me for getting cocky....and then we lost the point.
But, we answered back!
Joel screwed us up.

And we lost in the end 2 games to 1....I blame Joel entirely.
We'll get you next time Natalie and Katie!
Just like we got Dave and Craig
(when they were playing left handed)


  1. thanks for the invite lameo...

  2. yeah, I agree, Kimmy Joy

  3. can you please try to make it look like im not missing out on all the fun. come on!!!!

    ps i would have invited you kim :)

  4. looks like you guys had fun! sad i missed it!
    brittney and esther - you can't both be's confusing!! but i miss you both!