November 13, 2009

Poor Dad

Well this is where my dad has been spending his time this week.

Isn't he lucky.
He gets all his meals prepared for him (oh wait, he can't eat).

He gets his blankets fresh from the blanket warmers...probably one of my favorite things in the world (but he is still cold).

He gets to sleep in a really cool bed that he can adjust to any position he wants (except that he can't sleep).

He gets lots of visitors (if only he was his normal talkative self).

Best of all....he gets to watch a lot of FOX news.

But, contrary to what it may look like, he really is not enjoying himself too much.  Would you be if your arm looked like this?

I don't think so!
That is where they are pumping pain killer and antibiotics into him to help him deal with the abdominal infection he has right now.  I wish I could give more detail, but everyone is kind of stumped as to how he got this, and he is in a lot of pain.  So, it looks like he will get to enjoy his stay for a little while longer.

Who wants to be in Miami anyways?
(that is where he and my mom are supposed to be right now....sad, I know!)

Instead Dad, you get to see our bright and shining faces everyday, praying that you will get better soon and not be in any more pain.

We love you.....get well soon!!!!!!


  1. i'm sure dad was overjoyed that you took pictures of him and then put them on your blog for everyone to see :) but cute.

  2. actually dad gave me permission to take the pictures, and he even approved them.

  3. I've never known a Swenson who didn't want to have their picture taken.

    Get well soon, Mark.

  4. He looks happy...even in the hospital bed! Who would have thought it? Hope he feels better soon!

  5. My heart is so heavy, Mindy! I am so sad and sorry for your Dad! Is he okay? Thanks for letting us know he's in the hospital. Please give him our love! OXOX, Dawn, Kevin, and Isabella