November 23, 2009

San Diego

As I said in my last post, Nick and I spent a day last weekend in San Diego.  We spent most of our time in Balboa Park, and then headed to the Gaslamp district for dinner.  Here are some highlights of the day.

I would have liked to have fit in the little red plane for a picture, but it was not meant for adults. I guess we will just have to wait until we have our own little one to enjoy that.
We were very excited to find a hellcat.  This is the plane that Nick's grandpa flew in World War II.
This is the actual plane from the movie Amelia!

So, that was our day. I did not take any pictures of our little venture into the Gaslamp district.  I was a little too cold (and irritated). We had to sit outside because of a lack of inside tables, and they would not turn the heat lamps on. I was not too happy.  But, I did get a very adorable dress and a new shirt at Urban Outfitters.

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  1. I love balboa and my favorite place there is the air and space museum so good. Next time you and nick need to go to the prado for dinner... super good. Maybe you guys should take me I will bring my cats, dont worry they are leashed trained..