December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009

Well, 2009 is just about over.  I have to say that I am somewhat relieved to see it end.  Contrary to what my blog might portray, this has not been the greatest year.  It has been filled with many changes: some really good changes, but also a lot of really hard ones. 

Some of the hard changes:
A year ago at this time, my family was preparing to close Sonshine after 28 years.  Seeing it end was really hard. We have so many memories there.  It was pretty much our second home, and we all spent much of our time there.  Obviously this was a huge financial strain on the family as well.  This was the sole source of income, and the store had been struggling for some time. Things remain difficult, but we are finding blessings in it too. My parents are learning what it means to actually have free time!

In March, my parents sold our house.  It was another difficult good-bye, as well as hours and hours and hours of packing.  Now my parents are living with some friends not too far from that house.  That has been an adjustment just because there is no "home" to go home to.  But, we are thankful that the Bennett's have so willingly opened their home to our family.

This was around the world ping pong in our old backyard.

This was a challenging year for Grandpa.  Right around Easter, he went into the hospital with pneumonia.  When he was there, they found hemorrhaging in his brain.  He spent a long time in the hospital, then in a horrible rehab facility, where he fell and hit his head.  This sent him back to the hospital with a brain injury.  This was very traumatizing for the family, and it has been difficult to see him struggle to regain his strength.

Some great changes:
This was definitely a very positive and exciting change for us this year.  We were thrilled to leave our little apartment in Whittier and move into a house in Laguna Niguel.  We get to enjoy the beach, a backyard, and a lot more space.  We are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to live here.
Nick and I celebrated 3 years of marriage.  Doesn't that put us into some kind of safe zone?  Don't they say most failed marriages are in the first 3 year?  I don't know, but we've made it.  It hasn't always been easy, but it's been good, and we are very happy together.  I love him alot!
We started meeting with our friends on a weekly basis for a life group where we study the Bible together, discuss life, and pray together.  This has been a really good experience for all of us.  Also, Nick started an internship at our church, Rock Harbor.  He is going to be helping teach a class for new believers.  He is finally getting to put his Bible degree to good use!

Those are the things that stand out to me most about this past year.  As you can see, it has been a year of challenges.  But, God is still good and we are blessed with so much.  Despite the hard things, I am still blessed.  I have a great husband, great family, and great friends.

I am looking forward to starting fresh in can only get better!


  1. Change is hard, but nothing is as shocking to me as the realization that I have lived in 7 decades! I'm mortified.

  2. You guys are so cute! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

  3. we actually sold our house in may smart one :) cute post though, and i think you should do meet my family mondays. i meant to say that before :)