January 22, 2010


Five Six years ago at this time, I was in China.  Amy and I took a trip there to visit our friends Bekka and Sarah.
I just came across these pictures again after many years, and thought I would do a couple of posts of different things we did there. 

So, first up is the
Great Wall of China!
We rode up to the wall on a ski lift.

Then we hung around on the wall until I was SURE that my toes were frostbitten. It was only 10 degrees, and the wind made it feel more like negative 10000000010 degrees.

And then we took some slides back down the mountain!

Isn't it amazing?  It seriously looked like it went on and on forever. The pictures don't do it justice. 


  1. that was six years ago :) it was 2004

  2. That is so crazy! I found a pic of us in Hong Kong. I'll have to scan it and put it on facebook.

  3. It's amazing how you Swenson girls don't age.

    Except Kimmy. She was young when I met her nine years ago. But seriously, you girls all still look so, so young. (Maybe it's my age talking...)

  4. what! there are slides along the great wall? That would be worth the walk...but maybe not worth the frosbitten toes.

  5. mindy was the only one who experienced the "frostbite." :)
    but it was miserably cold...and i'm going to use this as an excuse for why i look so terrible in these pictures