January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!

Some reasons why I love my sister!

She is fun!

She is crafty!

She looks good with gray hair...
She will make such a beautiful old person, won't she!

She helps me in my classroom.

She likes my husband.

She likes to play games.

She is athletic.
This is us at one of our football games.

She is still smiling even when the rest of us are not!

She likes to make up skits with me.

And she is sassy!

Happy 26th Birthday Amy!
I hope your day is great!


  1. Is that second picture at Forest Home? I miss those days! I can't get my parents to go back since "us kids" are "too old". -Katelyn W.

  2. How sweet! Happy birthday, Amy!

    (It's Derek's birthday too!)

  3. awww i miss you amy! happy birthday


  4. Happy Birthday, Amy Lynn. I love you.