May 15, 2010

Aliso Canyon

Nick and I went on a run/hike about a month ago in Aliso Canyon.  It was so beautiful and green.  We kept saying that we felt like we were on a tropical island (except that it was not hot...and when I am on a tropical island, I do NOT go running because I am too busy laying out).
We ran to the trailhead and then hiked from there. As we hiked further and further up, we could see more and more of Orange County and of Saddleback Mountain.
Once we made it to the top, we had an amazing view of all of Laguna Beach on one side and the rest of Orange County on the other side.

By the time we got to the top, it was cloudy, but still beautiful.  I loved it...until Nick made us run back to the car once we got down the hill.  But, then we went and got Mexican food for dinner. Yum.

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