May 31, 2010

Meet My Family Monday

Scott Carmack
Scott is the last child of my Uncle George and Aunt Cindy.  He is also an uncle to Sean.  Here is my interview with him.

Me: How old are you?
Scott: 16 at the moment.
Me:Do you have your license?
Scott: No, not yet.  It costs money.
Me: Does your dad drive you around?
Scott: Yeah
Uncle George (chiming in from the bbq): He's got nowhere to go.
Me: What are your hobbies?
Scott: Playing guitar, playing waterpolo, video games with Andrew (cousin) and Matt (brother).  I film sometimes.  Mostly short films, stuff like that.
Me: Tell me about your guitar playing.
Scott:  I will play all kinds of music for fun, but I am best at acoustic, heavy metal, rock type.  I have been playing with a friend for two years, but we haven't been able to play in a band because we can't find a drummer.  One of our friends might be getting a drum set for Christmas, so we will probably be a band when he gets them.
Me: What are some of your favorite bands?
Scott: Escape the Fait, A Day to Remember, Born of Osiris, Haste the Day, Asking Alexandria.
Scott emailed me some links to some of this music, so you can hear them here and here.  I have to say that I am not really a fan of this kind of music, but I actually like these two songs.
Me: Tell me about your film.
Scott: I've done a couple of silent films.  We also made a documentary of a teacher strike.  We are going to try to make a horror film inside our theatre in the next couple of weeks.
Me: How did you get into water polo?
Scott: I got into it because I was on the swim team.  The coach told me I'd like it and would be the kind of person to play.  We just started Spring Training, so this will train me for the next swim season.
Me: What are your summer plans?
Scott: Water polo practice.  I also might do lifeguarding because I am getting certified.
Me: Are you going on the Carmack Family Camping trip?
Scott:  I haven't heard about it.
At this point, I give Scott all the reasons why he should go.
Scott: Ok, I don't think I'm doing anything that weekend, so I'll go.
Me: WOOHOO! Tell me about life at home.
Scott: It's fun.  We have just enough people for a board game.  I like living with Matt because it's kind of like having one of your really good friends always in your house.
Me: What is your favorite memory from being a part of this family?
Scott: I am trying to decide between Christmas, Magic Mountain and swimming at your house.  Those were all big events.  Events with our family are always fun.
Scott with his family
Scott with his friend

Here are some pictures of Scott in his younger days.
He is sitting on my lap in this one.

I can't really find the words to describe this picture, but look at the kid.  Scott is the one with the kazoo hanging out of his mouth, giving Jake bunny ears. There is something seriously hilarious about this picture.  Plus it has Grandpa in it showing his great sense of humor!
Check Scott out in the background of this picture.  That kid could dance!

Thanks Scott for letting me interview you!  I had a lot of fun learning new things about you!

On another note,
Happy Memorial Day!
I have been thinking about Grandpa a lot today.
Remembering him and missing him.
I love you Grandpa!

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