May 6, 2010

My Birthday

We recently celebrated my 29th birthday.  I was really dreading this birthday since I am now in the last year of my 20's.  I do not feel old enough to be 30 AT ALL.

But, we celebrated nonetheless with a trip to The Melting Pot in San Clemente.
And then Nick gave me something I have been wanting for a long time.
I can't wait to see how the pictures I have been taking on it turn out.

Now that I have my camera back (I had to send it back to Sony to get fixed), I will be posting more regularly.


  1. I'm excited to see the holga pictures!!

  2. For Christmaws I got my sister a few rolls of film for her "toy camera" and a book with all the ways to use it...don't remember the name... on Amazon? The pictures are so cool. Fullerton Cameras sells the film for them in B & W and color... I would love to see how your pics turn out. so fun!