July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Esther (only 5 days late)

This is my lovely friend Esther, and her birthday was on the 4th of July!
On that day, she joined me in the last year of our twenties.
She has the misfortune (though some may call it a blessing) of sharing her birthday with a couple of other important events, which she does so sacrificially. So, she was neglected on my blog that day, which I am utterly sorry for.  That means she is getting her very own special post today.

I have been searching through old pictures for a couple of days now to try to find some good pictures of Esther to post on here.  So, I have been laughing a lot remembering all the fun things we have been through over the course of our 11 year friendship.

I hope they make you laugh too!
Happy Birthday Esther!
(Only a little late....but you know that I did tell you on your actual birthday too.)
You are my soft girlfriend!

1 comment:

  1. Can it really be 11 years? Wow. At least we haven't aged a day. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful tribute. It made me laugh A LOT (even though you chose some very unsightly pictures). Gosh, we have fun together...I LOVE YOU!!!