September 22, 2010

Sailing and Some News

Sean and Kristina took the whole family out on their new sailboat for Labor Day(minus Nick, who was in Sacramento with his soccer team....did I mention he is coaching for Hope University?....that's another blog post). Since we were all together, we decided to celebrate my mom's birthday.

I only took a few pictures on my camera because we had my mom's really nice camera that we wanted to use.  So, there will be more pictures later, once my mother gets me those pictures.  Here are few to enjoy for now.
This is the cake that Kim made for my mom!
So cute!

GOOD NEWS: My brother-in-law,Sean got called back to be a pilot.  If you didn't know, he used to be a pilot, but then they furloughed a bunch of pilots, so then he wasn't a pilot.  Then he became an air traffic controller.  This is why he and Kristina live in El Segundo.  Nice and close to us (well close enough).

BAD NEWS: Sean has to leave in less than 2 weeks to move to Atlanta for training...without Kristina.  Then, he will be stationed in either Atlanta or Washington D.C....with Kristina.  They have to move. :(  And they will be gone for at least 18 months.  And we, the entire Swenson family, are extremely saddened by this news.  We do not like to be across the country from each other.

GOOD NEWS: Sean and Kristina will have flying benefits and will be able to fly home whenever they want.  This is a big comfort.

BAD NEWS: But, they are still moving.

We will miss them EXCRUCIATINGLY (and their boat....unless they want someone really responsible and trustworthy and careful and smart and cute and funny who lives close to Dana Point to take care of their boat while they are gone...I mean, if they know someone like that.)


  1. I don't know if I want to take care of the boat while they are gone.....

  2. Sean is actually leaving this Sunday I think. And I had a wonderful idea. We can all fly out to D.C. next summer and then stay with them and drive to the farm!! woohoo!! Also, I think I should get the boat (she likes me more anyways :))

  3. Wow. That is huge news. Kimmy has a lovely idea you out...visit the farm. Just give us plenty of notice!