September 5, 2010

My Belle

When we were in Mexico, I sent an email to my family to let them know we were alive (they worry about that kind of thing).  However, I did not get a response from any of them.  The only one that was sweet enough to reply was my dear little Belle, who was staying with my parents while we were gone.  This is what she wrote to me:

Dear Mindy,
I just wanted to let you know that I am well taken care of at my vacation home.  I enjoy lazying around, sleeping in my room, and even going on a walk (short though it was).  I only have to look cute to get treats here and that is not hard to do.  I did get in trouble once for going to the bathroom on the carpet instead of outside, but they just didn't see me at the door in time.  The lady that I am staying with - who I vaguely remember and see from time to time - was not very happy.  I didn't seem to get into trouble, though (probably because I am so cute).  I only had to stay at the other house for a little while during the day one time, so don't worry about me because I have not been lonely at all.  Oh, I got sick yesterday and threw up, but that is because that girl named Kim gave me itching medicine without any food in my stomach and I had already gotten it the day before.  I feel fine now.  I am missing you, but I just wanted  to let you know that I think the people that I am staying with really love me just as much as you do.  I do miss my walks with you, though.  Anyway, I will see you soon.  I hope you are having a wonderful time.
I love you and miss you!

And, then, she was thoughtful enough to send me a follow-up email.  Two in one week! I love that little pup! 

Dear Melinda,
This is Belle again. I would just like to clear a few things up from my last email. Kim only gave me the medicine because I was super itchy because my father would not let Kim pay for me to get a bath. Can you believe it!!? He said he would give me a bath this week and guess what? he hasn't, and I'm still itching away. I've got to hang out with my favorite sister Kim a lot this week. She is so cool. I wish I lived with her instead. But you are definitely my second pick. She brought my upstairs to hang out with her and since I couldn't make it up the stairs by myself, she carried me. That is my favorite part about your house, no stairs!! But I watched Kim make a cake for the last two days and scrounged around looking for food of course. Well, besides yesterday when I first had diarrhea and then I threw up... 3 times. It was gross. The second and third time weren't very much, I just had to get everything out... on the carpet.... mom wasn't too happy. (She doesn't know about the third time, shhhh). But I didn't feel well at all and I could tell Kim was worried. (She kept calling everyone and talking about me... so annoying). So, I perked up a little later and went right upstairs to hang out with my Kimbolicious. I laid down a lot and slept to make my tummy feel better and I didn't eat all day. I hardly even had anything to drink until super late. But I feel much better now :).  Kim's cake is so cool. I stood under it all day today just waiting for anything I could get, which wasn't much... I guess my begging only works on the old people. Kim did give me some healthy chicken though, yum yum. My favorite part of the week was when I woke up the other day and came into Kim's room and slept right by her head. I used to cry at her door every morning till mom would let me in but now Kim kind of gets annoyed with me cause all I do is look for food and it keeps her awake. But I was so good this time, I hope she lets me do it again before I go home. Alright, well I hope you're having fun! I love you and I can't wait to see you when you get back! 
Bellerina, Beller Babe, and Beller Butt
She despises baths...note the "I hate you" face and the escape attempts.
But she sure does love to lounge around.
I love coming home to my little pup!

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  1. Dear Belle,

    You can come live with me. I will love you more than any of your other so-called family. I will cook special people food for you, walk you, and brush your hair every day. I am the best mom ever.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Aunt Betty