October 14, 2010

Favorite Place

The majority of the time we spent in Pennsylvania was spent on the farm.
In case you are not familiar with my family, my mom is from Pennsylvania originally.  My Grandma grew up on a farm there that was owned by my Great Grandparents.  Then, my Great Uncle Russ took over.  He and Aunt Carol live on the farm now.  We grew up going out there every summer.
This is my favorite place in the world!
 {My great grandparents lived in that house.}

This is the barn.  It is not what it used to be.  They used to have the best barn I've ever seen.  It was built in the 1800's and was BEAUTIFUL. It burned down on my birthday several years ago.  That was a very sad day.  Someday when I find all my old pictures, I will scan one in and post it.  So, they had to build a new barn, and this is it.

{Uncle Russ and Aunt Carol's house}

{The amazing view}

We had a ton of fun playing in a big leaf pile out in front of the house.
 The really cute fifth girl in all these pictures is our second cousin Mallory.

Here we are with another second cousin, Derek, and his daughter Megan.

We told Megan that we didn't have leaves like that in California.  She thought that was a travesty and took matters into her own hands.  She dragged Aunt Betty's purse down to the leaf pile and filled every nook and cranny of that purse with leaves.  She handed it to Aunt Betty and said, "Now you can make your own leaf pile."
Wish I was still there.

You can see more pictures of cute little Megan, as well as her brother and parents, Derek and Annette, on Annette's blogs.


  1. Awww...the picture of you all turned out fabulous! Meghan will love it, too!

    Wish you were all still here!

  2. Meghan loved it! She liked seeing all of it, but especially her five "new" cousins!

  3. By far my favorite place in the world! I want to be there right now! I love all these pictures of Meghan...she is just too cute!

  4. I found the last of the leaf pieces (I think) in my purse last night. Meghan was very thorough.

    I want to quit my job, move back to the farm, and watch pretty little blue-eyed girls play all day long.

  5. You guys would stop loving leaves if you ever had to rake them. Fun to play with for a day or two, and then you have to get rid of them. So much work, and so terrible!