October 20, 2010

Flat Tire

The morning of Kasey and Adam's wedding, we headed over to the farm to hang out for a little bit.
We were almost there when we heard an EXPLOSION!
I have experienced this sound before....on a freeway connector where there was no shoulder...so I knew what it was.
I told Amy to stop driving, and being the oldest and bravest, I stepped out onto the dangerous road to inspect the damage.
Lucky for me, there was mud right outside of my door that my lovely shoe got to take a bath in it.
After a thorough inspection, my prediction was proven correct. Our tire was not just flat...it had exploded.
In case you are wondering, we did not keep driving on it after the pop.  The little nail we found in the tire did that damage all by itself.
Thankfully, Uncle Russ took charge when we got up to the house.  He orchestrated a huge rescue operation.
He hopped in the truck, grabbed the jack and Brandon and Derek and headed down to the car.
As you can see, we were very concerned about the heavy traffic traveling down the road. 
Fastest tire change I have ever seen.
(But I am sure that AAA had someone just around the corner....right?)

And can you guess how old Uncle Russ is?
You're wrong...He's not 70.
That man, the one operating the jack in all those pictures, is 87.
He is unbelievable.
I love him!


  1. I laughed all the way through reading this...especially the dangerous road bit.

    Grandpa is pretty amazing!

  2. PS...We'll never know if you would have made it on time. :) (Or do we...?)

  3. Uncle Russ, these pictures of you remind me so much of Grandpa. You look just like him in these pictures. It is so typical of you to be rescuing. I would love for the rest of the many cousins (read Wheatons) that you rescued to tell their stories, too.