October 16, 2010

jones road

After Meghan and Evan's birthday party, we decided to go for a little walk to see all the leaves.  It took some convincing to get Brandon to come along, but that's normal.  We have spent much of our time trying to convince Brandon to do things.  Like coming to California...that took a lot of coaxing. Honestly, I am catching on to his little trick.  We all know he just loves to feel loved, so he pretends to not want to do things so that we will beg him.  I know what is actually going on in his head.  It is probably something like this....
 "Oh my gosh.  I am SO excited to hang out with the Swenson girls.  I want to spend every moment I can with them. But, I can't let onto this fact. I have to play it cool.  But, I really hope they beg me."

Derek is the same way.
You will never guess what we convinced him to do on his wedding night!!!
(actually, it didn't take much convincing.)
But, that is a story for another post.
Let's just say Annette is a trooper.

Anyways, the walk was beautiful.
 {Brandon and his son Arden}

We could not get over the different colors the leaves were.  They were not your typical red, yellow and orange.  They did not look real.  The trees looked like they were spray painted with fluorescent paint.
 {Some of the people in this picture were too lazy to walk.  They drove to meet up with us.}

And then some of us hung out in the leaves again.
So, now we are trying to figure out what other family we can convince to come out for Thanksgiving.

See more pictures from Annette's blog here.


  1. I didn't say how funny I thought your mind-reading abilities are...and how amazingly accurate.

    Nah...You're just persuasive!

  2. I would have walked, but no one begged me.

  3. I cannot believe there really is a place in the world as beautiful and tranquil as this. Stunning Fall colors.

  4. just so you know my "word verification" for my previous comment was "chubby"... should I take it personal?