December 2, 2010

Christmas Card Picture Attempts

While we were all together for Thanksgiving, we attempted to take a family Christmas card picture....key word being ATTEMPTED.  I don't think any of these pictures are going to be gracing anyone's mantels this year.
Dad wanted to sit on the curb.  No one else really liked that idea.  I don't remember what funny thing Steve was doing, but it's clear from the direction of Amy and Kim's fingers that he was doing something funny while taking the pictures.
Four of the eight of us wanted to take a jumping picture for our Christmas card.  The other four are a little BORING. So, we tried to create a picture that would make us all happy....without much success.
But I guess you are seeing all the important people's faces....the women!
I think we will have to have another picture day to try again.

{See last year's jumping pictures here.}


  1. gosh i am so good at jumping pictures...seriously

  2. check out mom's faces in the last two pictures... she's totally wishing she was jumping with us!!

  3. you guys are hilarious

  4. Amy I was just going to say the same thing about both Mom and Dad...Sean and Nick are just like whatever and Mom and Dad are so into it. I love it.