February 18, 2011


Here's the deal.
My lack of a name for this blog is really starting to get to me.
I thought that putting my cute header on the blog would force me to come up with a name, but that clearly did not work.
So, I need help.
To encourage people to give me ideas, I am going to do a giveaway.
I got all inspired not too long ago and made a bunch of headbands.
So, I am going to give away 2 of them.
This is also a little taste of what's to come in the etsy shop that my sisters and I are going to be starting up at the end of this month.
(This means we actually have to do it, girls.)

If you want to win (and I know you do), here is what you have to do:
1) Become a follower of my blog right over there to your right in the sidebar and leave a comment-ANY COMMENT


2) Leave a comment with an idea for a blog title

That gives you 2 chances to win!

And here is what you could win:
Headband #1

Headband #2
I will choose one winner at random.
 All comments must be entered by Thurs, Feb. 24.

Open to all US residents, including my friends and family


  1. alright I am a follower, but I am not creative enough to give you suggestions on a name, sorry. If I was then I would have my own blogg.

  2. spelling has never been one of katie's strong suits...

  3. Those books look really familiar!

  4. iamcraftqueen

    simply mindy

    inspired dolphins outsmart sharks

    leave it to mindy

  5. Oh, I liked the Leave it to Mindy and Simply Mindy that was suggested. My only thought was something like...Our Happy Home or Our Life Together...I'm so not creative. Totally not. Sorry.

    And I follow you!

  6. thats adorable!! i would wear that everyday!! i hope i win!!!

  7. i was told that i wanted this, so i want this

  8. So I have been trying to come up with a creative name, but then I figured you probably wouldn't even use it, and they weren't very good so I just decided I should comment. Also... I REALLY LIKE THE HEADBANDS and I hope I win since it was my idea to have a giveaway!

  9. Okay... so I'm sitting here racking my brain and this is all I've got:

    Mindy's Morsels

    The magical (and exciting) world of Mindy.

    Bloggeroo of Mindyboo :-)

    Okay, seriously? I have no idea... but I LOVE your blog!

  10. "Minnier"

    "Crafty Wafty"

    "I have a cute and smelly dog and like to do crafts too"

    "What else am I supposed to do when Nick is paddleboarding?"

    The "My husband takes me on sweet dates, so there" Blog

  11. "Everything Under the Sun"

  12. okay Im back to see how the ideas are coming along... and I have to say my vote is for Minnier... it is like Brangelina. sort of. I like it.

    Also, I love that you received your constructive criticism so well. I laughed out loud when I read that.

    And yes you are right, you are a tease, and I was hopeful that the announcement was the kind that related to the region of your body known as a belly.

    But you are right, someday. I'm sure! (i threw that exclamation point in for good measure)

  13. How about "That Girl Who Always Follows Nick Around"


    "The Mindyster of Magic" (or Melindaster)

    or "The Prime Mindyster"

    Don't give me that headband you can't eat a headband I only eat cheeseburgers.

  14. Mindy's Musings

    Mindy's Mind Melds

    Meandering with Mindy

    (I sense a theme)

    Mindy's Memories

    Merely Mindy

  15. Jeremy was clever...
    My Husband Takes Me on Sweet Dates So There...

    That barely happened when we were dating...let alone after marriage. Good think we're happy to be homebodies.

    (Obviously not another entry...I already entered. But I like reading the options.)

  16. I'm a follower! I must say I got a kick out of reading everyone else's title ideas...you got some great ones. I must confess I don't have any amazing inspirational title that I could come up with...my mind went to something involving the seasons to reflect the themes of loss and celebrating life in your blog. If I come up with something I will let you know. :)

  17. So while I might be terrible at thinking of names...I want to win so I guess it's worth a try. I am thinking of Grandpa with my ideas (you know with the orange tree header) and while they might not be good...I try.

    First perfect header:
    Kristina is my favorite sister.

    The others:

    orange story

    Under the oranges

    Orange blossoms

    story orange

    Thats all i've got.