February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Cort!

On Sunday, we celebrated our friend Cortney's birthday!
It started with some ultimate frisbee, and ended with some all you can eat sushi!
I decided to make a little zippered pouch for Cortney the morning of her birthday. Seeing as how I am a novice sewer and that I was making it up as I went, making it the morning of was probably not the best idea. When I was finished, I kept thinking of other ways of doing it that would have made much more sense. But, by that point I was already late for ultimate frisbee. At least it turned out decently cute from the outside.
Sorry you had to be my guinea pig Cort.  
Happy 27th!

Check out Cort's blog here.  She is an awesome writer, and you will definitely be inspired when you go there.


  1. cute clutch. Tell me the name of the font in "Ultimate Frisbee"... i love it.

    you are talented.

  2. mindy! i just saw this. thank you for the post and the shout out, you are such a doll :) i love my clutch by the way. i showed my mom and she loved it too(she appreciates those sorts of things as any cool person should). i'll be your guinea anytime girl. see you tomorrow!