February 23, 2011

these are my friends

Isn't this video cool?!
I am so proud that these are my friends.
They didn't want to put me in the video because they knew my superior strength would make everyone look bad.
Next time though.
Here is their website.  You should go check it out.
You all have 2 more days to enter the giveaway.
There are a lot of people who have posted comments under the anonymous option,  but did not put their name on them.  If that is you, please let me know who you are and what comment is yours so that you can still win.
I love reading everyone's comments and name ideas.  It's so much fun!
And, don't forget to become a follower.
 (Am I annoying, or what? I am annoying myself with my begging for you all to become followers.)

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