March 9, 2011

Dining Room Before and After

We finally have an "after" for one of our rooms.
This is what we started with:
And we did our best to work with it until the house was ours:
Since the ceilings and lighting and floor and baseboards and paint are all done now, I am having so much fun decorating.  This room is the first room that is completely completed, with pictures on the wall to finish it off.
My total cost to furnish and decorate this room was about $48.
Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
The sign was a wedding gift from my dad's cousin, who makes all kinds of signs using vinyl.
The chairs were from the book section in my parents store, and my Grandma made the pillow.
The wine rack was $40 of the $48 that was spent on this room.
The other $8 was spent on frames from Goodwill and a Rite Aid that was going out of business.
My parents bought me the table for my college apartment, and the mirror on the wall was a wedding shower gift.
I think that about covers everything.
I love this room now.  It feels so complete.
So there you have it.  Our first before and after.  There will be many more to come...hopefully in the near future.


  1. looks so calm and inviting. remodeling decorating is a blast. love the blue.

  2. You two make a GREAAT team! It's such a great room and I love the cost! So very cool!

    L of Turlock

  3. Mindy! It looks AWESOME!! Love love LOVE it! :-) And I'm SO impressed with your budget... nice work girl!

  4. You are so gifted! I could NEVER pull that off! Ever! Your home looks so cozy and personal! Thanks for sharing! OX, Dawn