March 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to announce this.  I was in Santa Barbara all weekend, and the minute I walked through the door when I got home on Sunday, I went straight to the bathroom and threw up.  The throwing up continued all night and into the next day, along with a fever, a headache, and an achy body.  I am just now starting to recover.
I am glad the worst is over....I HATE being nauseous!

Okay, so I had big plans of making an elaborate video with all kinds of people in it to announce the giveaway winner, but since I am sick, that did not happen.  So instead, I asked Belle to star in this little video with me, and she was happy to oblige.  
She's such a little diva.

Please pardon my sickliness and the fact that you can't see my eyes at all.


  1. Congrats Eddie!

    But what's the new name? You are the only nameless blog I visit! :)

  2. And sorry your weekend away was filled with such misery.

  3. Please put Belle back on so she can tell us the winning name. Oh, and congratulations Eddie. The headband will be a lovely accessory.

    (Congratulations, Molly & Eddie, on your engagement!)

  4. We definitely want more video. Your giftedness, certainly! Possible names: Belle's Blog, The Dog's Blog, Belle's Bulletin, Mindy's Musings, Melinda's Meanderings. What about Orange County Register? Is that being used already?

  5. Sweet! Your gift will certainly look great on Molly. Thank you Mindy!

  6. Why do I think Whitney Houston when I see you in disguise?

    and Way to go Eddie... the headbands will really bring out your eyes.

  7. I have the most awesome sister-in-law in the world- she's even cool when she's sick. I love that hat.

    Thanks for the congratulations, Aunt Betty.

    I'm looking forward to wearing these headbands. I already wear the yo-yo barrette you gave me for Christmas Mindy- and I always get positive comments. I bet I could start taking orders for you.