March 14, 2011

My Editor's Opinion and Help Japan

My blog editor called me the morning after I posted my fluffy post.  Yes, I have a blog editor....she is my mom.  She calls me whenever she sees some sort of grammatical error in my writing. (Which, I should say, is hardly ever.  I pride myself on my grammatical capabilities.  But, I did inherit that from her, so she may notice a few things here and there that I may have overlooked.)  In this particular post, she did not like that I spelled dying d-i-e-i-n-g.  But, upon further inspection, we found that it can actually be spelled both ways.

Then she told me that she liked the post, but she thought that instead of putting a picture of me running (which was actually me tieing (or should I say tying?) my shoe), I should have put a picture of my abs

She is funny.
I like my mom.
Mom...I used parentheses inside of parentheses.  Is that allowed?

By buying one of these shirts, you will help the Salvation Army's relief efforts in Japan.
And, you will own a really cool shirt.
Go here to purchase one.
And, keep praying.


  1. You would think your blog editor would notice your nameless blog. :)

    Net's Notes has a blog editor too...but he only corrects me when I tell the story wrong. Yep. Your favorite cousin.

  2. I need an editor from time to time as well...

    Can I borrow your mom?

  3. Oh, by the way, does not recognize "tieing" as a word.

  4. nice! you posted the japan shirt!

    see you soon :)