April 30, 2011

the day that I turned thirty

Every special occasion is an excuse to go to our favorite restaurant in San Juan Capistrano
Ramos House Cafe
So, that is exactly how we started things out the morning of my birthday!
We then drove down to San Clemente to go for a bike ride on the tandem, but as soon as Nick finished pumping up the tire, he pulled the pump out of the tire and the tire popped .  So, we walked instead.
Then we came home and Nick gave me my present.  Two pieces of paper with two options of presents....a Cricut Imagine or a Piano.  I am still debating.  The Cricut didn't get great reviews.  But the best part of my gift was what Nick wrote for me.  I would share it with you, but Nick is not really a fan of that idea.  Plus, if I read it to you, you would probably all wish he was your husband, and I am not a fan of polygamy.
We decided to give the tandem another try in the afternoon.  Nick changed the tire and we headed to Aliso Canyon.
Then Nick had to go to his EMT class....yes, he is taking an EMT class.  So, I was going to spend my birthday evening all by my lonesome until Amy and my parents came to the rescue.  They took me out to the Cheesecake Factory at the mall.  Then we walked around the mall and reminisced about all the stores we used to shop at once upon a time when life was a little more carefree.  And then we went into See's candy to get a free sample, but we couldn't just get a free sample and not buy anything....at least Amy and I couldn't.  My parents had no problem first off asking for a different sample than the one they were given, and then walking right out of the store without buying anything....shameless!  Amy and I stayed behind to clean up their mess and bought a couple pieces to spare us some embarrassment.
And in the Microsoft store, they had a Michael Jackson dance game that I played....so fun.
If my underwear was not hanging out of the back of my jeans the whole time, I would show you the video my dad took.

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  1. Happy 30. I love Ramos House. Great pictures.