April 1, 2011

Memory #1 (in no particular order)

First Backpacking Trip--August 2006
About a month after we got married, Nick decided it was time to take me on my first backpacking trip.  We had gotten tons of supplies as wedding gifts, thanks to REI and their wedding registry, which Nick insisted on doing.  Pretty much all the guests at our wedding from Nick's side got us camping/backpacking stuff.  They know him so well.

So, we took our new supplies, including our hubba hubba tent (yes, that's really what it's called) and headed off to the beautiful King's Canyon.  And, I'd say I did pretty good for my first time.

These pictures were all taken on film with an old Nikon. 

Things I remember from the trip:
1) Starting the hike at 5,000 feet and climbing until we were at 10,000 feet...it was a rough introduction to backpacking
2) Craving a bean and cheese burrito THE ENTIRE TIME
3) Crossing the river in my underwear because I did not want to hike with wet pants
4)Discovering chairs when we got to the lake we were camping at...that was a luxury
5) Nick running over a cat on the way down the mountain
6) Driving through El Pollo Loco for the bean and cheese burrito because it was the only place open....not the burrito I had in mind, but it worked
And, the first item that I would not mind receiving for my birthday is......
Size 6 :)

(They are even on sale)
Amy did the final birthday party theme on Caramel Cup, so go see it.  It is sooooo good.
And leave a comment voting for which one you think we should go with for the party.


  1. I'm surprised by your gift choice. I don't really strike you as the snakeskin shoe type of girl. Love the shoes though :) they are perfect for your no toe

  2. I was hoping this was the trip with the really nerdy picture of you jumping in the field in your backpacking gear and high socks with the bandanna tied around your head...

    And I think Kim needs to borrow your editor :)

  3. umm hello?? i was a little sleep deprived amy. what i meant to say was "you don't really strike me as the snakeskin shoe type of girl." going to sleep at 12:30am and waking up at 3:55 to take care of a five year old is not a very good combination...