April 17, 2011

Memory #17

Funny Story About Nick-Spring 2003
When Nick and I had been officially boyfriend/girlfriend for about one week, we went over to a friend's house for a barbeque and some games.
{Us at the barbeque}
Our friend did not live far from my parents, so our car decided to stop by there on our way back to Biola.  While we were there, Nick started to feel a little sick and thought he might have food poisoning, so we all headed out.  Nick got progressively worse and worse until he had to throw up while we were on the freeway.  Everything happened so fast.  He told me he thought he was going to throw up, and he tried to roll down the window.    I tried to pull over real quick, but realized that the window was not rolling down.  Everyone started yelling at me to take the child lock off (I always kept it on because I couldn't stand it when people would roll the back windows down.)  So, I was simultaneaously trying to take the window off child lock and pull over to the side of the freeway.  I did not do either of those things in time, and Nick ended up throwing up all over the inside of the door of my car.  So, we pulled over to clean it up.
{Poor Nick....we made him pose for a picture when he was so so sick}
  While we were trying to clean it up, someone had the brilliant idea of dumping a water bottle over the door to wash it off.  The problem with that, which we realized too late, was that there was a little cubby at the bottom of the door that was now holding a bunch of floating throw-up....lovely.  But, we got it all cleaned up and went on our way with the windows rolled down to help air out the car.  A little while later, just as the girls in the back had rolled up their window because it was freezing, Nick unexpectantly threw up again out the window. It splattered all over the side of my car, and had the girls not rolled up their window, it would have been all over their faces.

The next day, I took my car to the car wash, then took Nick some get well presents. 

To this day, Nick is named Ralph in my phone.
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I love this hanging chair from Pier One!

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