April 3, 2011

Memory #3

Moving to Laguna Niguel--August, 2009
After living in a very hot, hot (like unbearably hot) apartment in Whittier for the first 3 years of our marriage, we decided to take a risk and move into my parents house in Laguna Niguel.  No, we did not move in with my parents.  They were not living in the house at the time.  They had been renting it out for 17 years, and the renters had just moved out.  We had been looking to move for about a year, but Laguna Niguel was not even on our radar.  It was too far from my job and way too expensive.  We had already put offers on several houses in Orange and Tustin, but nothing was working out.  So, when this opportunity presented itself, we decided to jump on it and figure out the details later.  We were hopeful that we would get to buy the house, but moved in without knowing what would happen.  Here is a little glimpse of the apartment we left behind.

Our apartment was nice, but we were so ready to get out of Whittier.  It is nothing against Whittier.  Whittier is actually a really nice place to live if you live in the right part.  We just happened to live in the part that had helicopters and spotlights flying over nightly.  We lived off a really busy street, where there were all kinds of crazy incidents.  Kristina's parked car was hit out front one time, and my mirror and Nick's mirror were both knocked off our cars by someone's baseball bat.  But, rent was cheap...go figure.  Still, we were ready to move.

Moving Day:
To celebrate, we had a little bbq for the people who helped us move and helped us do a whole lot of cleaning.
And in the end, everything worked out miraculously.  My parents had to short sell the house to us, and we were shocked when the bank accepted our offer.  It was far lower than any of the homes were selling for in our neighborhood.  That was obstacle #1.  Obstacle #2 was the loan.  No one really wanted to loan to us because we were buying the house from my parents. We spent months going back and forth with tons of different people until we were able to work something out. And the fact that everything did work out despite the obstacles was definitely God's doing.  We know we are right where we are supposed to be for now, living in the house that I lived in until I was in 4th grade.

And we absolutely love living so close to the beach!
(I could do without the commute to Whittier though)
And onto my wish list:

I love this skirt.
You would think that since I modeled the skirt for this picture, they would have let me keep it, but they didn't. 

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