April 6, 2011

Memory #6

College Football

It may sound shocking, but I was a college football player.  It's true.  And I was pretty good.  I'd be lying if I didn't say I looked into going pro. They seriously do have women's professional football, and I seriously did look into it.

These intramural football games were some of my favorite memories from college.  I played all through college, and even into grad school.  I had SO MUCH FUN playing in these games with my best friends (and even my sisters one year).  Looking at these pictures makes me miss those days.
I was a linebacker and a receiver, but that linebacker position was my absolute favorite.  I loved grabbing flags.  My superior skills were even mentioned in the Chimes (Biola's newspaper), where I was called a Puma for my natural instincts....I'm not bragging or anything. But, that is me with a flag in my hand in the picture below. (My sister, Kristina, is holding the other flag...she was almost as good as me.  It runs in the family.)
There was this one time where the league suspended me.  Kristina was a lineman for our team, and during one of our games, she grabbed the flag of the runningback from the other team, causing the other team to lose some yardage.  The runningback retaliated by elbowing Kristina in the face on purpose.  My natural protective instincts kicked in, and I have no recollection of this, but apparently I ran up and shoved the girl and yelled at her.  Meanwhile, Amy was fired up and started running into the game from the sidelines to get in on the action.  But, our coach grabbed her and was holding her back.  So, I was kicked out of that game, as was Kristina and the runningback.  Our coach saved Amy from the same fate.  That runningback and I were then suspended for the next game as well.
Don't mess with my sisters!
We played through rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
Okay, we don't really have snow or sleet in Southern California (what is sleet?  I don't even know), and I can only think of a handful of times where it has hailed here, and we don't even get much rain, but there was one time we did have rain, and we played through it.
This picture of Bekka kills me every time I look at it.
And I bring my skills back out every Christmas for our family football game.
I LOVE Football!
My Wish List Item:
Any of these prints by Katie Daisy from her Etsy shop.
(I especially love the last one)


  1. This makes me want to play again! I kept scrolling down the post hoping for the story about you getting suspended from a game... definitely one of my favorite football memories :)

  2. That picture of Nick and Sean at the end is great!! We need another family football game soon! (not that I even play haha)

  3. I like the contrast between the hard-core Mindy image and the flowery, girly-girl prints that you're asking for as gifts! :D

  4. i'm glad you added the story :)