June 29, 2011

Camping...First Stop...Plaskett Creek

On our way up to Plaskett Creek, we saw this cute little restaurant from the freeway and knew we had to stop to eat there.  We couldn't resist a restaurant with a huge "dog friendly" sign.
The drive up the coast is the best.  Unfortunately, the further north we got on that first day, the foggier it got. By the time we got to Plaskett Creek, it was so foggy, you couldn't even see the ocean, and it stayed foggy the rest of that night.
We decided to walk down to Sand Dollar Beach, which was right across the street from our campground.
Brontie wouldn't do the stairs.  He is such a wimp.
But he did LOVE running all around the beach. The water....not so much.  He is still figuring out what water is. Nick kept trying to get him to go in the ocean, but he kept running away from it.
But, he sure did love the sand.
We woke up the next day and ate a delicious breakfast.
Then we packed everything up in the car and headed further north on Highway 1.  The weather the rest of the time was absolutely perfect and fog free, so I have much more to come.

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  1. I'm totally joining the Brontie-and-Nick-look-alike Club. Hilarious! Make me think of 101 Dalmatians. =o) I'm glad you're having such a fun summer so far!