June 20, 2011

The Harbor

A few weeks back, we took the dogs down to Dana Point Harbor for Brontie's first outing there.
People can't seem to stop talking about how much Nick and Brontie look like each other.
Brontie is still getting used to a leash and walking like a normal dog.  If it was up to him, he would get to walk backwards while being nose to nose with Belle as she walks forwards.  He loves to run in front of her and turn around and face her when we walk the two of them together.  He has not quite learned the concept of a curb yet either.  He falls off the curb at least 10 times every walk we go on.  It is so cute.

The very next day, Kristina was out visiting, so we did a little garage sale-ing and had lunch at the harbor again.  She brought her little dog Lily, so we had all three dogs there.
Brontie is about as big of a fan of posing for pictures as Nick is....actually all the dogs are.

Dogs are so much fun!

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