September 10, 2011


Thursday night, I was a part of that whole big power outage that engulfed all of San Diego, parts of Orange County, Mexico and Arizona.  This completely ruined the only plan I had that watch t.v.  Nick is gone.  I am sick.  And that is what I wanted to do. I decided to use the remaining daylight hours to clean the ever growing mess in my house, but that decision only lasted long enough for me to go put my shoes away, at which point I decided that a better use of my time would be to pick up some Taco Bell.  Then, I decided that the dilemna of my circumstances also merited a Dairy Queen blizzard.  (You really should try the new Nutter Butter blizzard.  It's amazing.)  I spent the rest of the night unloading my refrigerator and freezer and hauling it all over to Aunt Betty's fridge.  Then, I went home, lit some candles on my nightstand, read a little, and went to bed.
The next day, when I got home from work, I found those same candles strewn about the floor of my bedroom.  But mostly, they had been eaten.  By Brontie.  You don't want to know what that looks like coming out the other end.  And you definitely don't want to know that it was so full of wax that a lot of it actually stuck to his butt fur.  And who has to clean that up when there is no husband around?  I tried to avoid it, but you can only handle so many whiffs of waxy, poopy butt hair.  Hosing him down didn't work, so Amy had to hold him down while I gave his butt a hair cut.

I am ready for Nick to come home.
So, I guess now would be a fitting time for me to start that list of 28 things that I love about Nick that I said that I was going to do way back in July when he turned 28.  So, here are my first 5:

1) He cleans up the dog poop.  An obvious one after the above story.
2) He is a good friend.  Nick loves his friends like family and would do anything for them.
3) Nick is an incredibly gifted writer.  Usually, the only one priviledged enough to read his writing is God, but sometimes I get to see it too.  And, it's really good.  He should write a book.......about me.  Don't you think?
4) Nick is rugged (which is another word for sexy).  He's strong, he's manly and mountainous, and he is voyaging through the wilderness as we speak.
5) Nick is really good at coming up with analogies.  He can and does make an analogy out of anything and everything.  In one of his analogies, I was spinach.  I did not like that one.


  1. Oh my waxy poopie.
    Not fun. I took our sick little Yorkie to the vet yesterday. I bathed her first. When they went to take her temp., there was poopy blocking and they had to clean it off. How embarassing. She has a way of plastering that area with her tail and I didn't even notice.
    Glad the outage didn't last long. Makes us appreciate electricity alot.
    Hope your honey returns home soon.

  2. So sorry about the mess Bronte! Alyssa was in San Diego when the black out happened. She was in the house all by herself too. What nice things you say about our son!

  3. This is from Liz Harley: Have you ever seen undies that have been consumed and pooped out by a fellow golden retriever? He has also eaten razors, marking pens, entire loaves of bread, sticks of butter, entire bowls of bacon grease and chunks of cheese. I think hobbes and brontie would be best friends. When can we have a play date?

  4. This is the F-I-L speaking. This proves my thesis: Dogs make us better people. Mindy, I'm sure you are a much better person for having that experience.