September 21, 2011

plum love

I have a bit of a new look on my blog.  My sister, Kristina, revamped my whole sidebar for me and I even wrote a little "about me" section.  Now if only I could think of a stinking name.

Since Kristina helped me out so much, and since she is my sister, I thought I should tell you a little about her blog.   She blogs for her business, Plum Paper, and shows off all kinds of invitations and other paper products that she has designed.  She just redesigned the whole site, so you should check it out.  Here is a little peek into some of the things you can see on there.
 And, you can even see a little bit of us....
Go check it out here.


  1. love the new look on both blogs!! my sisters are so talented!

  2. All the Swenson ladies ARE talented in their own unique ways! Mindy, that was nice of Kristina to revamp your sidebar. I need to get proactive in designing my page. Love your blog!

  3. I enjoy stopping by your blog, Mindy-reading about your worthy pursuits. by the way, I love your dining room. blessings to you and Nicholas, living by the sea. . .