October 3, 2011

Mission Bay Triathlon

Yesterday was the Mission Bay Triathlon in San Diego.  Nick's sister, Alyssa, was dying to do it and asked Nick to join her.  He could never say no to her.  She asked me to do it too, but I have no problem telling her no.  So they competed, and I watched and cheered them on.  Really, my job was the most important.  They would have failed without me for sure.

We woke up bright and early....
It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and Nick and Alyssa did awesome!
Doesn't he look gooooooooood?
Once they caught their breath, we took some pictures.
Alyssa is living with Liz and Jim, who are friends of the Kinnier family.  So, they came out to cheer them on too.  It was nice to have some company and have someone to hold onto wildboy Brontie when I wanted to get some pictures.
After watching one, I may be more inclined to actually compete in the next one.  I am sure I will change my mind once I do my first training run.


  1. YAY! Congratulations! It's quite a task!

    For Derek, the hardest part was swimming. Once we had kids he couldn't train for it as easily...and it was never easy to train for it. (We don't have lakes and oceans close by!) So he doesn't compete in them any more.

  2. Yay for Nick! I have really been wanting to do a triathlon so we should train together! P.S. I like the new blog name!

  3. We heard that Alyssa lapped Nick twice. Is that true?--Tom

  4. I love it, thanks for posting the pictures; my boys are getting ready to enter a 24 hour bike race; I think it's crazy. . .blessings