November 17, 2011

The Big 6-0

Though it may be shocking due to his youthful good looks, my dad is now a 60 year old.  And that, my friends, is cause for great celebration.  So, we decided to take my dad on a trip.  A trip down memory lane, that is.  (Pardon my cheesiness.)

My dad's journey began at the train station, where we enjoyed a nice, relaxing breakfast.
Next stop:
Memory Lane
(the cheesiness continues)

After breakfast, Kristina met us at the house, and we gave my dad his "luggage" for the trip.
My sisters and I totally stole this idea and then tweaked it to make it our own.
We emailed any and everyone we could think of, trying to collect 60 memories for my dad's 60 years of life.  And, believe it or not, we actually got even more than 60. It may have taken a couple of pleading emails and a bit of a guilt trip, but we managed to get all those memories.

It took quite a while to get through all those fun memories.  There were serious memories and funny memories, sentimental ones and embarrassing ones.  It was SO MUCH FUN to hear all the stories, some that had been long forgotten.  And there was SO MUCH LAUGHTER.
The girls and I did not write memories.  There were enough without us.  But, that didn't mean we didn't have lots and lots of memories to share.  So, we made a bunch of videos of our memories and uploaded them to youtube.  Dad would read a few memories, then we would show him a video.
When we made the video, we skyped Kristina in.  Hence the computer in my lap.
Once we finished the hours of memories, we sang to my dad and ate some delicious carrot cake made by Kim. 
Of course we took some group pictures.
Then, it was time for Mom and Dad to head back to Arizona.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and even learned a few things about our dad that we didn't know.  It was definitely another successful birthday celebration.
Happy 60th Dad!!!


  1. OH! I seriously love this!! There's a pretty good chance I'll be stealing this idea for my honey's birthday... or my mom's!


  2. Love this! I am in process of something similar. However, people are writing things back in email and they are written more to me rather than just a memory. Do I reword it to be to him. ? Help

  3. Love this idea! I want to use it for my Dad's 60th coming up :)

  4. Amazing thanks for sharing, it looked such a great day for your family x

  5. Just found...going to use idea for my mom's 80th!!