January 2, 2012

2011 in Review

Well, 2011 is over now, so I thought I would do a little recap of the year for us.  Except, this is not little...it's loooong.  But, I am sure you are all just dying to hear all about the things we did this year, so here goes....


In February, Sean had a birthday, we had a Super Bowl party, Nick and I enjoyed a Valentine's Day trip to the beach, Molly and Eddie got engaged, Katie and Collin got married, and I showed off my grandma's talent

In May, I recovered the chair that made me famous (ha), we hung slatwall in our house, celebrated my mother, celebrated Kristina's birthday, and added a new little one to our family.  I also wrote a post on being an over the top dog person and on being thirty and childless.

June brought a trip to Chicago, a trip to Arizona, a Father's Day celebration, family time with the dogs, a coastal camping trip and Turlock visit,  Brontie's first letter to Belle, and the high school graduation of 3 cousins.

We celebrated the fourth of July, Esther's birthday, and our FIFTH anniversary all on the same day, we celebrated Grandma's birthday, my parents moved to Arizona, we spent some time in San Diego, I rekindled my love for Neil Diamond, fell more in love with my dogs, celebrated Nick's 28th birthday, and took a trip to Arizona to visit the parents.

Molly and Eddie got married, we enjoyed Ramos House Cafe, my wonderul summer ended, I discovered that I am a trend setter, and Mom had a birthday.

We celebrated Labor Day, I braved the blackout of the century alone, Caramel Cup created a cute ladybug dessert table, my chair was featured on Apartment Therapy (WHAT?), we revealed some additions to our dining room, I made some cute notebooks and plant pots, and we took a trip to Catalina.

Nick competed in a triathlon, I took another trip to Arizona, I got my iPhone, Nick built the coolest shelf ever, and we had our annual Halloween party.

Dad turned SIXTY! Belle turned SIXTEEN! I realized that I do actually have a lot to be thankful for, we took the dogs camping to San Diego.  I taught Nick how to play football, and we hosted the Kinnier family Thanksgiving.

We decorated for Christmas, a put up my California wall, we had a Christmas party, made cute Christmas cards, and celebrated Christmas with my immediate family and extended family.

Phew....I did a lot more this year than I realized, and this post took me way too long.  Most of you probably aren't even reading it anymore.  So, farewell 2011.
Welcome 2012!


  1. Nice post Mindy. You did do a lot this year. I enjoyed reading it!

  2. I still read your blog. I love you.