January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year

Ni Hao!
In case you were not aware, yesterday was Chinese New Year. 
This event did not go uncelebrated in our household.  Typically, Tuesday dinner is Taco Tuesday around these parts, but for Chinese New Year, we needed to do something REALLY special. 
Tacos on CHINESE PLACEMATS!  And these placemats truly are from China.  I know this because I exported them here myself.  We even invited Amy over for the occassion.
Now, when Amy sees that I have posted this picture, she is going to call me and tell me to remove it immediately, because she thinks she looks like she has chipmunk cheeks.  But, I will not remove it, because we all know that in real life, she does not have chipmunk cheeks.  Plus, I think it is hard to debate the fact that Nick and I look much worse.  And yes, Amy and I are wearing the same sweater. (But, I put Nick in between us to distract you from this fact...and it worked, didn't it?)

Well, as if this grand dinner celebration was not enough, we really topped the night off when we made a very traditional Chinese dessert...Chocolate Chip Cookies!
And, if you would like to see pictures from the Chinese New Year that I actually spent in China, go here.


  1. What would have topped this post would have been the 3 of you in your matching stenciled country of China puffy painted shirts from Scotty Olympics circa 2010.

    Now that really would have sent your shin dig over the edge.

  2. I loved the tacos and cookies. Amy has great cheeks...and cute sweaters.