March 4, 2012

The Grand Finale of Tahoe

Our last full day in Tahoe was spent on the slopes, shredding the gnar and hitting the freshy pow-pow.
I am so down with the ski lingo.
 Not only am I down with ski lingo, but my skis are on the cutting edge of style and shredability.
I got so many comments on them, and it was definitely not because they are over 15 years old, fluorescent purple, and skinnier than skinny.  But,  I think the thing that really made an impression on people was my snazzy ski outfit, compliments of Esther. (You're going to want to click the link on her name, trust me!)
I've had this song in my head the whole time I've been working on this post, so I couldn't resist.
I promise we are not that puffy in real life.

I loved Tahoe.  I even contemplated whether or not I could live there.  But then, I returned home to 80 degree weather and basked in the sun's glorious rays of delight.  
Dear Lord, don't ever let me take this place I live in for granted.
Oh have so much to offer.

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