March 14, 2012

Ode to the Desert

Over the weekend, we journeyed into the desert, where we participated in some very desertous activities.  I have never found the desert all that aesthetically pleasing, but I suppose it has its own beauty.  And, it sure does offer vast open space to play in.
So play, we did!
And we were having so much fun, that we decided to play some more.  We rode 45 minutes to an abandoned mining town in the middle of nowhere so that we could explore and ride around some more.
Sadly, we were missing a sister
This picture is decently accurate.  Kristina is tall and skinny, but her shoulders are actually the same size as each other in real life, and she doesn't have as much of a man body as seen here.  Oh yeah, she's not see through either.
We are so super tough.
I'll be honest, we have done our fair share of making fun of the desert folk (no offense to my desert were always excluded from our making fun.)  But, these ATV's won our hearts over, and now we get why people head to the desert for these wild adventures.  We make such great desert dorks.
Ride on ladies, ride on!

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  1. The desert is not appealing to me, but that did look like fun!