April 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today is my parent's anniversary.
They have been married for 38 years!
Thirty-eight years of sheer bliss.  Right, mom and dad?
(They are rolling their eyes right now, for sure.)
Of course it hasn't been all bliss and beauty.  They can drive each other crazy.  But it is good.  And, I am blessed to know that, no matter how crazy they can make each other, they still love each other and they are committed to each other forever. I have never, not once, in my life felt the slightest fear for their marriage.  I love them for that, for giving us that security.
I'd post a picture of them on their wedding day way back when, but that would have required me driving out to their place in Arizona and shuffling through a couple thousand boxes of pictures in the garage.  Maybe next year.

For now, we'll settle for some more recent pictures.
I love you Mom and Dad!  Thank you for the amazing example of marriage you have been and continue to be.
Happy Anniversary!

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