April 4, 2012

vegas vacation

Last week, a couple of us Swenson's headed to the city of sin, where we fit right in.  So much so, that they named a street after us.
Every March, there is a huge trade show there that we like to attend to shop to our hearts delight.  I definitely made my best purchase yet at this year's show.
Behold, my new pink Christmas tree that Nick refuses to have anything to do with and has threatened to throw in the trash if he lays eyes on it between now and Christmas.  Oh, but I could not pass this little tree up.  This last Christmas, I almost bought her twin at Big Lots for $30, and if Nick had not been with me, it would have been a sure purchase.  Lucky for me, Nick was not in Vegas with us, and luckier for me (and him), this tree was only $7.  Did you hear that?  Seven dollars.  You wouldn't have passed that up either now, would you have?  I almost bought it in EVERY color.  But I didn't.  See how much self control I have!?  They wouldn't have all fit in my backpack anyways.

Some other purchases included:
Lots and lots of jewelry.

And some watches.
We did partake in a little gambling.  It was Kim's first time in Vegas since turning the legal age, afterall.  But craps was kind of crappy for us, and we did not come away from the trip winners.  Though, Kim liked to claim she was a winner because she lost less than Amy and me.
And it was fun to pretend we were in Italy for a little while too.  

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