July 20, 2012

Sometimes Nick Makes Mistakes Too

Last weekend, Nick's parents came down south for a nice little visit.  While they were here, we decided to take them down to one of the dog beaches we like to go to.  
My cowardly puppy actually braved the ocean for the first time.
And Belle did her typical basking in the sun.
As did I.
This is the lone picture I got of Nick's parents.
And the little wagon that I started using for Belle came in really handy.
The one tragedy of the day was when Nick's surfboard flew off the car on our way home....apparently he is a little more like me than he would like to admit.  The board landed in the shoulder of the freeway, so it would have been fine.  However, in the 3 minutes it took us to come back around to get it, it was gone.  Lame!

I have written a letter in response to this event.

Dear Pathetic Loser Who Stole My Husband's Surfboard,
I hope you enjoy it now, because I am pretty sure there is no surfing in Hell!

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