October 9, 2012

Over the Weekend....

This weekend, we did TONS of work in our backyard.  Have I mentioned we are having a wedding reception in our backyard in two weeks?  This is what it looks like...
The view from our back door:
It's just perfect for a wedding, isn't it!
We got rid of a few things that have been sitting on the side of the house....don't judge!
And, Kim and I made 275 balloon cake pops for a homecoming dance with the theme UP....my favorite movie ever.
I cuddled up with my dogs, and we watched baseball.  My heart is just not into playoffs this year with the Braves so unjustly out of the race.  Did you see this call?  Completely pathetic!
 My parents were also here this weekend, but I have no pictures to prove it. Somehow when my parents are around, I revert back into the role of the daughter of my mother, who always, ALWAYS has a camera and takes pictures, which means that I don't have to take pictures.  Except, she doesn't take pictures anymore!  What the heck, Mom?!  So, no pictures in this blog post with them.
We ended the weekend with some Phase 10 at my grandma's house.

And speaking of my grandma's house and the movie UP, the character, Carl, from the movie reminds me so so much of my grandpa. 
I love him!


  1. um those cake pops look amazing...love all the colors!

  2. i really want to see the end display of those pops! WOW!