November 25, 2012

A Week with the Fam

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It has been a full week for us around here.  All of my family was here for Thanksgiving, so we were busy cramming in lots of fun family time while we could.
On Tuesday, all of us sisters were reunited....on my bed.  A joyous occasion for Nick.
Amy had to work that day, but when she heard that the other three of us were laying in bed talking, she asked her boss (who, luckily for her, is our aunt) if she could leave early to come hang out with us.  My aunt has four sisters of her own (including my mom), so she knows what it's like to want to hang out with her sisters....right Aunt Karen? (Ha. Except none of them would be caught dead in the same bed as each other.) 

 Our dogs were also reunited.
On Wednesday, we decided to head to Ramos House Cafe with the whole family (because it is our favorite, in case you haven't noticed before on this blog...they really should let us eat free there for how much I blog about them).
To be honest, I think the whole Ramos House experience was a little lost on certain members of my family who are very picky eaters and have a hard time appreciating true culinary genius. 

After lunch, my mom wanted to take some pictures for her Christmas card.  We weren't really having much luck finding locations where we could set the camera and do a self-timer shot, and the couple times we tried to have a stranger take our picture, they turned out pretty bad.  On one of our last attempts, a real live PROFESSIONAL photographer, came up and asked us if we wanted him to take our picture.  I handed him our camera, but he said he would take them with his PROFESSIONAL camera and send them to us.  Then he offered to walk around with us and take pictures of us in different locations...FOR FREE! And the pictures turned out AMAZING!  We love them!  He even edited them for us.  But, I'm not going to show them to you yet.  It's what my parents are going to use for their Christmas card, and I don't want to spoil it.  But, I will show you some outtakes from the day.
So, now we just have to wait and see what picture ends up on the Christmas card.

If you want to see just how lucky we got with this photographer, you can view his website here.  I highly recommend him.

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  1. that "cram in the bed" routine happens at our house too--still.
    And speaking for the Newton women, we love the blue shoes.
    our love from deep in the heart of Texas. . .