December 30, 2012

Our Christmas

Nick and I celebrated our Christmas a few days before Christmas.  We went to Marrakesh for dinner, and then came home to open presents.
 I am not showing you any of Nick's presents because I was a big fat failure this year.  He didn't like anything I got him.  Apparently only "bros" where shirts with zippers on them.  This typically wouldn't be a big deal, but look at what he got me!:
I was shocked and so excited.  Blogging on it is so much more fun!

So, I spent the next few days re-shopping for Nick to find him all new presents that he would like, and I had him open them on Christmas morning (except he didn't really like any of those either).
Christmas morning was pretty low-key in our house.  Kim stayed with us over her break, and I wanted to make the morning special for my little baby sister, since we weren't having a typical Christmas morning.  We go to my Grandma's house pretty early on Christmas and spend the whole day there, so we didn't really make  any morning plans.
 The dogs got gifts in their stockings too.  You can see Kali's pink bows that I put in her stocking.
I'll make up for the gifts to Nick on his 30th birthday this year.


  1. You are sweet to reshop for Nick.

    I love that you made Christmas special for Kimmy!!

  2. I'm pretty sure that YOU are gift enough for Nick. OX♥