January 6, 2013

Swenson Christmas

I just have to say before I launch into this post, this is probably our worst year in terms of Christmas picture taking.  It was slim pickings on pictures for me to choose from for this post, and that is highly unusual for the Swenson family.  So, luckily for all of you who aren't Swensons, this post is rather short and does not include an exhaustive list of all the gifts that were given and received.  

We celebrated Christmas on the 26th this year because Sean and Kristina couldn't get home until late on Christmas Eve.  Of course, Christmas day is always at my grandma's house, and you don't mess with that!
Kristina was so annoyed at my parents when she saw how HUGE her present was, because she has to lug all her gifts back to Atlanta.  My parents kept saying, "I don't know what we were thinking." Then she opened it and discovered that it was brand new luggage.  Perfect.  And Kim here, well, she bought all of her own Christmas presents for herself from my parents, so she wasn't too surprised by her gifts.
Amy got a juicer, and I figured that since I am 31 now, I should probably put some sort of adult make-up on my Christmas list.  After I opened it, my sisters insisted that I now throw out all my old cheap make-up.
My dad was easy this year.  He has been wanting the iPhone 5 for awhile now, so we splurged on him.  The iPhone was exactly what he wanted, and exactly what my mom didn't want:
But, she would never buy one for herself, so we bought one for her.  Note the very different reactions from my mom and dad when she opened it.  And we did not go for the iPhone 5 for my mom.  Not worth the splurge for a woman who is so resistant to technological change that, when her ancient phone broke, she scoured ebay until she found the same old phone and bought it.  This is going to be an adjustment for her.
And just for cuteness, here is the youngest Swenson sister.


  1. Love your dad's expressions!

    And i know what you mean, my camera doesn't seem to make it to many family events anymore. Ive really got to motivate myself.

    And last thought, you are so good about your Instagramming. Its rather impressive.

    Happy New year to you! It would be dandy to see you in person sometime. ;)

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