January 19, 2013

Dogs in the Desert

While Nick and I were off gallivanting about California, our pups were being well cared for and loved by their grandparents in Arizona.  (Technically, they are Belle's parents, not grandparents, but we don't need to get into the complicated family dynamics.)  So, when we got back from our trip, I worked for one day, then headed to Arizona.  The joys of a job share....coming back from Christmas break for just one day, then having the rest of the week off.  I highly recommend this whole teacher job share thing.  Anyways, I was so very excited to be reunited with my pups.  It's crazy how quiet our house felt without them.  And, I think being away from us really bonded the two of them.  Look at Belle resting her cute little head on Brontie's paw in their designated sleeping spot.
Brontie and I enjoyed a couple of long walks through the desolate desert.
Brontie is my gentle giant.  I was leaving the house to visit my parents at their school, but could hear him wailing as I was getting in my car.  It was the most pathetic crying and whining I have ever heard from him.  He was making sounds that ripped my heart right out of me.  I couldn't bear it, so I went back inside.  He came up and buried his head in my chest and would not move.  I took my hands off of him for a second to pull out my phone for a picture, and he just pushed his head further into me.  Poor guy thought I was leaving him again.  I love his little sensitive spirit.
While I was out there, I of course had to meet my mom and dad's classes.  I even got to teach each class a lesson while my parents worked on their report cards.  It was a lot of fun to get to see my parents in their new role as teachers....they are really good at it.
Then it came time to head home, so I packed up the dogs in the car, and we drove home....poor Belle!
And having them home is SO good.
The only picture I got with one of my parents on the trip....
My dad was asking me what some of my favorite apps are, now that he has his very own iPhone, so I showed him face juggler.  What more could you want?

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  1. Love those dogs. We have a medium size and a small dog and they are so funny. Love how yours held out his leg for the other one to lay on.