January 11, 2013


On New Year's Eve, Nick and I headed to the coast for a much needed mini vacation.  We spent the first night in Carmel Valley, so we decided to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was incredible.  Sea creatures are so fascinating.
Finding out that there are seahorses that look like this was possibly my favorite part of the day.
That's me as a jellyfish.
After the aquarium, we went on a bike ride.  To be honest, I didn't enjoy one minute of this ride.  I was so unbelievably cold!  But, I endured my misery for Nick, because that's just the kind of sacrificial wife I am, and we got to see an amazing sunset.
Then we headed out for pizza and rang in the New Year by falling asleep at 10:30.  We're so cool.

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